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Need help with paying utilities, food and mortgage

mom42angels started this conversation
I am a single mother of 5 boys, ages 14, 10, 32 months, and twins that are 23 months.  I am recently separated and have gotten myself into tremendous financial stress.  I can't make my mortgage payment, have almost $2,500 in utility bills that I can't make and am desperately seeking some resources that might be able to help me.  If anybody knows where I might be able to get some assistance, I would appreciate any information.  I do work full time, am looking for a part time job, and am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my family afloat, so long as it is ethical and legal. 
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I understand everyone here..i just contacted a food bank looking for help i have 4 kids to feed and waiting on food stamps. I am only 2 months behind on mortgage but im sure thats gonna change if i cant find a couple of jobs. I am getting so scared, what do i tell the kids if i lose there company gives you the run around,dont think they will help. what do i do.what do i hurts to get that look from the kids mom im hungry mom why cant i get a pair of shoes..i hurt for em..anyone find out info for help please send to
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everbody needs help sometimes

 in response to mizmom...   try the this program called

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I am a single mother of a teenager, been on disability for 5 years now. I have had my home for 16 years and have had a great history of paying my debt on time every month. I have got more medical problems with myself and can not afford my house payment. This is the first time I have had problems ever paying my bills. I am currently 2 1/2 months behind on my mortgage and can barely pay the electric or water bill as well. I have been a single mother all her adult life, no help from her father. I am so afraid of losing my home, and I have worked with my mortgage company trying time after time to work something out. They keep putting me off, where is all the help we are promised!
I am slowing heading to homelessness...
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 in response to same boat...   if you are with bank of america you get denied. i was on loan modification for 11 months got denied.made payments ontime. now they said they are doing all they can to help ha ha. ben asking for help for 2 years. they cant even tell me who the owner is. good luck
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catholic charities

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Contact the City I know there is a place call New Leaf who will help with electric and they will give you food.

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 in response to Seekinghelpnow...   

Check out my page on fighting foreclosure - there are companies out there that can help you.  Best wishes, Rosie (working from home helping others)

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i wished so much that i could help you out all i would know to do is try seeking help from the churches or family and chilrends services and even that might not work but its always wroth a try it is so hard to make it in this world when you are singel and have kids i dont know what we are suposed to do im really hopeing that something will change to help everyone out in need more,

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I am a single mom of 2 boys and I really need help with my mortgage which I am 4 months behind. I do not get any help with my kids father. I have lost my job, but I am still seeking employment just haven't gotten any response. If anyone know of a place where I can get help on paying my mortgage or a company that is hiring I would greatly appreciate it.

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same boat

have you tried to modify your mortgage?  If you have an ARM, Interest Only or a high fixed rate, you can combine all your mortgages and Line of Credit with the bank.  You will need to find someone (lawyer) who can do this for you as the banks don't deal well with the consumer.  It takes about one to two months.  No appraisal needed either and your scores can be in the 500's.  Most brokers are charging 1% of the loan amount for their services.  You can not get cash out.  They will give you a 30 fixed rate starting at the rate of approx. 61/4%. (todays rate).  Act fast as I hear some of the banks are pulling out of doing the modifications in Sept.  Don't know what all the banks are going to do with all the foreclosures once this happens but worth a shot.  I did it and am waiting for an answer and yes, I do mortgages too.  Trying to get all my clients to do the same. 

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I wish god would bless me with lottery winnings because I would help people in your situation, sad thing is that I am not in a good financial situation either


Good Luck.As if that pays bills right????

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